BROTHER HAIRS started as a small vendor with a hope of bringing more jobs to local women. As our business grows, we attempt to create more values, benefits to both society and customers.

BROTHER HAIRS understands that businesses cannot thrive without giving something back to society. We want to turn our company into something more than just a wholesale hair vendor.

Our motto is to create values for society, empower local women, bring hi-quality products to our customers, and most importantly create benefits.

What do we have to offer?


Brother Hairs offers a wide range of hair products. We also supply customers with customized items, regardless of the quantity.


Brother Hairs wants to make sure that our hair is collected from reliable sources. We also ensure that our hair is 100% ethically bought.

Our primary sources of hair are from Vietnamese Hair. We use regional hairs because we believe in their vibrant texture and durable features.

We guarantee 100% products from Brother Hairs are handmade from skillful workers. However, during manufacturing, we also come across unexpected errors.


We understand that customers want to get the best out of their money. That is why we always try our best to provide our clients with qualified products.

Before shipping, our sale team will send pictures and videos of the order. We want to make sure that customers will satisfy with their order when they receive it.

In case, the customers want to change anything (the length, hair color, and so on), we will immediately return their order to the factory. We also offer a clear return policy for customers who find faults and errors in their order.

Find out more about our return policy here.

What’s more, if anything happens during the time of use, our sale team is 24/7 available to help you with any questions and concerns.

In all, we want to show our business partners that we do care for them. We want to build a long-lasting trusted relationship with different wholesale hair vendor.

Our promises

These are our promises to any of Brother Hair’s product.

  • 100% human hair, unprocessed, ethically collected
  • Customized products according to customers’ demand
  • Our products come with different size, length, density
  • No harsh chemicals, no overheating processing to ensure the durability of products
  • Bring stable jobs for local women; create values for both customers and company.