Chukwuma Okorafor Authentic Jersey Vance McDonald Authentic Jersey  5 SIMPLE STEPS TO CREATE AN EGG AND OLIVE OIL HAIR MASK


How to take care of the hair in such a cold winter is the same question of many women. This post will introduce to you one effective way using egg and olive oil.

Egg, especially egg yolk, is very beneficial in the field of beauty care. It can be compared to a factory which produces proteins, vitamins and fatty acids. As we all know, proteins, vitamins and fatty acids are essential ingredients to get healthy hair. In addition, the egg yolk is covered by a keratin film which is transparent, while keratin is known to be the main component of the hair fiber. Because of the high level of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E in the egg yolk, it can help you to get rid of hair loss and encourage the growth of your hair.

On the other hand, the numerous benefits that olive oil brings to your hair are obvious. It is a rich source of fatty acids, especially lauric acid, which are very useful for dry and damaged hair. When olive oil is applied to the hair, fatty acids which are available in olive oil will cover the outer surface of the hair to create a protective layer. It means that olive oil has the ability to restore your damaged hair to make it become soft, smooth and shiny again. The fact is that the outermost layer of people’s hair will be broken when they have their natural hair dyed, strengthened or curled by hair heating machine or even use a hairdryer to dry their hair.

Then, after being absorbed into the hair, these acids have the function of providing the hair with necessary moisture.

As a result, the combination of egg and olive oil will be absolutely able of nourishing your hair in winter when the weather is both cold and dry.

Ingredients: In fact, the proportion of ingredients depends much on the length as well as the thickness of your hair. The following suggested one is suitable for people with medium hair.

– 1 egg yolk

– 2 tablespoons of olive oil


– Step 1: Beat the egg then separate the yolk out and remove the white.  Put the yolk that you have got into a bowl.

– Step 2: Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to the yolk. Mix the two ingredients well together.

If you want to make your natural hair smell amazing, you can add some lavenders, roses, musk elements, lemongrasses and so on to this mixture.

– Step 3: Apply the mixture you have got to your hair. Avoid unequal application.

– Step 4: Wear a shower cap so that the mixture can be kept on your hair more carefully and it does not dirty your clothes.

– Step 5: 15-20 minutes is enough to let the mixture be out of your hair. You can whether use only clean water to remove the mixture or use shampoo and conditioner.

Any success is associated with patience. Therefore, you should repeat this process 1-2 times a month to get the result as what you expect.


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